Accessing e-mail accounts through webmail

What is webmail? #

Webmail applications enable you to check your e-mail accounts by using your web browser. You can compose and read e-mail messages, maintain an address book, and perform other common tasks. Third-party e-mail client applications, such as Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook Express, generally provide more features than webmail applications, but also require more initial configuration.

Heaven Hoster offers 2 control panels and both include webmail.

cPanel webmail #

If your account includes the cPanel contol panel there are two webmail applications that you can choose from:

  • Horde
  • Roundcube

Plesk webmail #

If your account includes the Plesk contol panel these are the available webmail applications:

  • Roundcube – available with Managed WordPress plans.
  • mailEnable – available with Windows Shared and Reseller plans.

More Information #