How Do I Fix Email Problems?

Heaven Hoster’s top customer priority is making sure that customer websites are secure. Unfortunately, this sometimes means that email accounts become inaccessible due to too many failed login attempts. The email account might appear inaccessible but is still available through webmail. Fortunately, this is an issue that can be quickly resolved by Heaven Hoster’s friendly and knowledgeable support staff!


Why Is This Happening? #

There are several different ways that an IP address could be banned by way of attempting to gain access to the email account. Repeated login attempts are often the result of brute force attempts, or from a user attempting to gain access. Usually, this is caused by an email client (Outlook, Thunderbird, Evolution, Mailbird, etc.) periodically attempting to check for any new mail, prompting a failed login.

Brute Force Attack
Numerous repeated attempts in an attempt to gain access to protected information. Often used to gain access to email accounts, pin numbers for bank accounts, and online accounts.

IP bans result from thirty failed login attempts in one hour, whereas 50 attempts in an hour will result in the email becoming inaccessible from any IP address. This protects accounts from a possible distributed attack and ensures the safety of the account. The affected email account is only accessible via webmail.

Unaware Of The Email Address Causing The Issue? #

If you’re not aware of which email address is blocking access to your mail client, reach out to customer support’s LiveChat, where customer support representatives will be able to narrow down which particular email address(es) are causing the situation.

Aware Of The Email Address Causing The Issue? #

If you’re aware of what email address is blocking access, check all of the possible devices that the banned email account is currently logged in on and log the account out (if possible.) This will force the email to stop attempting to automatically log in. Feel free to reset the password of the affected account if you feel comfortable doing so. After logging the email account out of any possible devices (and resetting the password,) contact Heaven Hoster’s customer support LiveChat. Alternatively, a support ticket can also be opened through the customer portal. They will be able to verify if the account is truly under attack or if the culprit is faulty login attempts.

Reach Out To Customer Support #

If you suspect that your IP address is banned due to a faulty email login, please log the email account out of any devices to prevent any further attempts or bans. Then contact Heaven Hoster’s customer support LiveChat, where a customer support representative will be able to lend further guidance on resolving the situation.