How to edit account details on the Customer Portal

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This article describes how to edit your Heaven Hoster account details using the Customer Portal. You can update your e-mail address (which you use to log on to the Customer Portal), payment method, phone number, and more.

Editing account details #

To edit your account details, follow these steps:

  1. Log in to the Customer Portal.
    If you do not know how to log in to the Customer Portal, please see this article.
  2. On the menu bar, click Account.
  3. Click EDIT ACCOUNT DETAILS:Customer Portal - Edit Account Details
  4. Fill out the fields with your contact information.
    The Customer Portal uses your e-mail address to authenticate you when you log in. If you change your e-mail address on the Customer Portal, make sure you use the new e-mail address the next time you log in. Otherwise, you will not be able to access your account using the Customer Portal.
  5. Click Save Changes.