How to get started with Reseller Hosting

Customer Portal #

After you purchase a reseller package from Heaven Hoster, you receive a Welcome e-mail message that provides information about how to access your account on the Heaven Hoster Customer Portal. The Customer Portal enables you to view your account’s product information, including:

  • Domain name and IP address.
  • cPanel and WebHost manager URLs and login information.
  • FTP server and login information.
  • E-mail server and login information.
  • DNS name server information.
  • SSH account information.

You can use cPanel and WebHost Manager to manage your own account and your customers’ accounts.

cPanel #

cPanel is the primary administration interface for your account. For more information about how to use cPanel, please see these articles.

WebHost Manager #

WebHost Manager enables you to manage your customers’ accounts. You can create cPanel accounts for your customers, and much more.

Custom name servers #

As a reseller, you can also set up your own custom name servers. For example, you can use name servers such as and, where represents your domain name.