How to get started with VPS Server

Customer Portal #

After you purchase a VPS from Heaven Hoster, you receive a Welcome e-mail message that provides information about how to access your account on the Heaven Hoster Customer Portal. The Customer Portal enables you to view your account’s product information, including:

  • The VPS domain name.
  • The VPS IP address.
  • The installed operating system (OS) template.
  • SSH account information.
  • DNS name server information.

Administration interfaces #

There are several ways to administer your VPS, depending on whether it is managed or unmanaged.

Heaven Hoster Customer Portal #

You can control basic aspects of your VPS from the Heaven Hoster Customer Portal. After you log in, click My Services, and then click Manage next to your VPS plan. Scroll down to Virtual Server Control. From here, you can shut down, boot, or reboot your VPS. You can also view information about disk space, bandwidth, and memory usage.

cPanel #

cPanel is the primary interface for managed VPS plan customers.


Webuzo #

If you have an unmanaged VPS, you can use Webuzo to install a wide range of applications and frameworks quickly and easily.