How to migrate an addon domain to its own cPanel account

Migrating an addon domain to a dedicated cPanel account #

To migrate an addon domain to its own cPanel account, follow these steps:

  1. Login to WHM.
  2. Select the Convert Addon Domain to Account tool from the sidebar. The prompt below will appear:Select Addon Domain
    Select the addon domain you would like to convert to a stand-alone cPanel account, and click Convert.
  3. Enter the new username you would like to use, define the new account’s package, and configure any other options you would like:Configure details
  4. The next step is to move any MySQL databases and users:


    Select any databases and users you would like to move. The prompt screenshotted above will appear when the Configure button is clicked. If you choose to move or copy or both of these options, select the checkbox under the Database and User sections, which will allow the Convert tool to move both the database and user for the selected addon domain:

    Selected databases and users

  5. Once the selected addon domain has been converted to its own cPanel account, you will see the start and end times of the completed addon conversion:conversion start and end times
  6. The process has been completed. Conversion details can be examined by clicking View Conversion History.
  7. Test the new site to verify that the migration was successful.