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It does not matter if it is faster hardware, an innovative network architecture or a new software solution, we will be among the first to implement it.

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Servers around the world

All data on servers is protected by multiple levels of fail-safes, RAID-10, daily or weekly backups.


Servers around the world

Our servers are deployed in 7 different regions: UK, US, Brazil, Netherlands, Singapore, Indonesia and Lithuania. Customers can enjoy lowest latency and unmatched reliability as we deploy in globally connected Tier-3 datacenters.


All Hosting Plans Come With

cPanel, Access Manager, Litespeed, CloudFlare integration, LetsEncrypt integration & unlimited bandwidth.

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DDoS Protection with all web hosting plans!

Get better SEO, visitor retention, and conversions with the latest updates, which can serve up to 3x more requests per second.


DDoS Attack? No More!

All our DCs have dual uplinks with multiple ISPs. We protect our customers from DDoS attacks on multiple layers, Wanguard anti-DDoS traffic analyzer and intelligent firewall rules on switch level, Bitninja or Imunify360 (Web Application Firewall) on each server, optional CloudFlare for each account, as well as custom web server rules to make sure your site is well protected from any kinds of attacks.


All Hosting Plans Come With

Daily Backups, CloudLinux, LVE containers for Account Isolation, Wanguard realtime anti-DDoS protection on Switches.

Built for lightning speed

Our new server deployment times vary at around 10 minutes. We have a fully automated bootstrap process. Press power, plug-in network cables, - automation kicks in (kickstart, ansible) and the server goes online.


Customizable server-level caching

Customizable server-level caching solutions. LiteSpeed Cache plugins are created to hyper-charge the most popular web apps with almost no effort. Turbo-charge popular web apps with minimal fluster, handle traffic spikes with no issues, and easily manage cache with powerful Smart Purge technology.


All Hosting Plans Come With

SSD Drives for extreme speeds. Streamlined and automated server deployments. Intercom. HTTP/2

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Spirit of performance

In case of an unplanned event, we can restore your account to the latest snapshot in a matter of minutes. We setup full and incremental backups for all accounts to ensure your data is safe.


Fully Managed

We ensure that servers and all infrastructure is running, all packages are up to date. All Engineers are on-call on Pagerduty, we have a near-instant reactive response to incidents. We also have set up predictive monitoring via Prometheus, so we can prevent issues before they even occur.

All Hosting Plans Come With


Pro-active and predictive server monitoring. Realtime reactive server monitoring Litespeed micro cache. WAF on each server.


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