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  • 1000+ Servers in 85+ Locations
  • Secure all your data while browsing by our VPN
  • Stay Away From Attackers
  • Browse Netflix and Hulu from any location you want
  • Available on Smartphones / Windows / Mac
  • Try Free for 14 days
  • 100% Satisfaction or Money-Back Guaranteed in 14 Days.

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Heavenly VPN
Heavenly VPN
$9.45 Monthly$9.99 Monthly
    Heavenly VPN 1 Year
    PositiveSSL Wildcard
    $79.99 1 Year$99.90 1 Year
      Heavenly VPN 3 Years
      EV SSL
      $139.99 3 Years $120.99 1 Year

        Privacy and Security Guaranteed

        Data Encryption

        With strong VPN protocols OpenVPN and IKEv2 on your VPN connection, we can protect your data from hackers looking to steal sensitive information.

        DNS leak protection

        Our integrated and secure DNS prevents data ‘leaks’ about your online activity.

        Practice Safe Wi-Fi

        Our VPN tunnel lets you browse and go undetected on public Wi-Fi and keeps your data safe from cybercriminals.

        Keep your True IP Hidden

        Heavenly VPN assigns you a unique, random IP address, masking your location and keeps your real one hidden.

        No Traffic Logs

        While we do collect connection and bandwidth data to ensure your safety and satisfaction, we never track or store your data or browsing history.

        Kill Switch

        Your privacy will remain secure and IP address hidden if your VPN server disconnects.

        Privacy and Security Guaranteed

        High speed network

        We provide a speedy, powerful VPN service - one that’s ideal for streaming, transferring data, and online gaming.

        Protect all your devices at once

        You can connect and protect all your devices at once. Our app is available for Android, Mac, and Windows devices.

        1000+ Servers in 85+ Locations

        We have servers in over 85+ locations, so you can choose which city or country you want to connect with wherever you travel.

        Easy setup guaranteed

        Our VPN service is easy-to-use, and with our 24/7 customer support team, you can contact us at any time.

        Unlimited Bandwidth

        We have everlasting bandwidth ideal for sharing large files or streaming your favorite content.

        Avoid ISP Throttling

        With our VPN, the ISPs that use packet sniffing to restrict browsing are no longer able to slow you down.

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        Our technical team is available on 24/7/365, The best way to reach our expert team is by opening a ticket.

        Live Chat Support

        Live chat agents are 24/365 available, Chat with one of our representatives and get immediate answers.

        Email us

        Email us with your question, Our email support team will respond back in 12-24 hours.


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